The envelope please

One of the issues that will have to be overcome before Linux can become the desktop Operating System of choice is the real and percieved lack of applications. There are simply more applications out there for Windows. That is why it is a “real” lack.
Advocates such as the Open Source Directory, would like to overcome this somewhat unfounded perception. They publish a comprehensive listing of Open Source software that is available, and not just for Linux. As mentioned here in Advisorbits, there is Open source software in the Windows world too. This “Editors Choice Awards of 2003” article is a bit old, but when I found it it made me look at a few applications I hadn’t known about. (I am also proud to be a user of many of the applications mentioned, including Moveable Type. )
I was confused at first, because I am also familiar with the Open Directory Project. These sites do not seem to be directly related.
One software projects that caught my eye was the Open Office project. I am going to start evaluating Open Office as an alternative to many components of MS Office. Its time to upgrade my business PCs, and cost is a factor. The evaluation will center on interoperability with MS-Office 2000 files, and usability. How much training will be required to make the transistion? We’ll find out and let you know.

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