Google IPO; what does it mean?

If you have a small company website, the chances are strong that whether you know it or not, one of the major sources of outside traffic is Google. Today they become a public company by offering an IPO 2.7 billion dollars.
The founders of the company have developed a loyal following of users by supplying services that are useful. The following is so strong that their product like Kleenex or Jeep has become a part of the lexicon: “I Googled the site for the place we’re going to dinner.” (I looked the restaurant up on Google.)
The 2.7 billion dollars also caught our eye because its very much the same as what these fellows at another famous Internet startup did. Hopefully Wall Street will take heed of the attitude they are getting from Sergey and Larry, and let the guys continue to do what they have done so well already. They earned a profit of over 100 million dollars in the first quarter of this year on sales around 750 million in the same period.
We will watch with interest what happens to our favorite search engine. If you want to read more on this story, why don’t you Google it?

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