It wasn’t your ISP

Over the past couple of days, there has been an interesting worm variation going around on the MyDoom worm. I only mention it because some pretty well educated people are calling me and asking if I sent them a security update by mail. I do not supply software to customers and clients, so you can be sure I don’t supply email updates. Niether does any software company I know of.
The worm is mutating frequetly, so some confusion is natural. Just remember, if you have up to date virus protection and you do not execute attachments sent to you in email, then you are safe. Binary attachments are a bad idea for a number of more technical reasons too.
Here’s Symantec’s description of the issue. Here’s McAfee’s take on the most recent variant. And of course there’s our own AdvisorBits article from September 2003.
The other thing both the reports we heard had in common was that the email headers were forged. That is to say, they appeared to have come to the users FROM themselves. This does NOT mean they are infected. The email “From:” headers are forged to confuse users, this is not difficult to accomplish.

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