Sneak Preview this Weekend

I am putting the finishing touches on the JSW4.NET main company site. This is only the third redesign of the JSW4.NET site since it was founded in 1999. There are a few things to polish up and the form script still has to be written. Undoubtedly, I need to run the spelling checker on several pages that I missed.
The CSS on this site is designed very carefully so that the main body of the text is always at the top of the page (code wise) and special care has been taken to make the CSS nice for print media. I changed the visibility attribute of the

that has all the navigation stuff to “hidden” and although that caused it to not print, the space that would have been taken by the element usually caused an extra page to print.
The solution was to change the display attribute to “none“. I was more familiar with the use of the display attribute to control whether an element was inline or a block; it can also be set to several other values.

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