Bloomba (!!!)

Email is my life. If you do business with me, you know it is the fastest way to get in touch with me, and in the long run, I will get to the bottom of it if you send me an email. (If you call me about something I am very likely to forget it within 24 hours.)
I mention all of this to explain the next outrageous thing, which is that I think it’s time to give up my dedicated Exchange server. By dedicated I don’t mean a single box dedicated to serving Exchange. I mean and Exchange server more or less dedicated to serving just my mailbox.
I need search features, and big time antiSPAM featrues. On the Unix side I am familair with spamassissin, so I decided to check out SAproxy. This comercial application allows me to use just about email client and have the program run some sophisticated analysis of my mail to determine which are SPAM.
Bloomba is the companion email client that makes it easier to “train” SAproxy to be even better at recognising SPAM. Bloomba and SAproxy support “white lists”, so I can allow mail through from people I know.
Bloomba’s primary claim of superiority is its ability to quickly search through a lot of mail or contacts and find the relevant information. I can’t confirm or deny this at the moment. I did think the Smart Groups feature was nice, you can configure it to check your favorite RSS feed for recent updates.
Plus, it is one of those words that’s just fun to say.

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