A load off our minds

For $5 per machine per month, Progeny Transition Services is offering a service to provide extended updates for the 7.2 and 7.3 platforms. We think this is a good value, in line with what RedHat previously charged for RHN support for the products. I wish I knew more about this new company. The only thing I do know is that the guy who founded Prgeny is also the creator of Debian Linux distribution.
If you don’t know what Debian is, that may not be as meanignful to your company. Interestingly, JSW4.NET has always has always taken the position that Debian is cutting edge really free OS. (Free as in Beer AND as in Speech, in this case.)
If you’ve been reading AdvisorBits regularly, you’ll know that RedHat has announced end of life on their product with the highest market penetration, 7.x. They also announced ond of life on 8.0 and 9; the thing they hope will happen is that we’ll all freak out and buy their enterprise product. In case you don’t speak Sales, “Enterprise” translates from Sales (Salesesse? Saleish? Saleven?) into English roughly as “Give me all your money now.”
Some of us want to see the value and explore the alternatives to shelling out an extra few grand every year. Until recently we were leaning towards upgrading to the Enterprise Server (Redhat ES), but now we have a choice. And that’s a load off our minds.

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