Everything that goes around…

I’m not really sure what I think of the news I read at Information Week that Novell has announced that it will aquire SuSE Linux for $210 million.
Novell was an early alternative to Microsoft on LAN servers. I’ve heard good things about the SuSE distribution, and bettter things from my friends who can read some German.
(n.b. I got a whole different impression when I went to the SuSE site to get the URL for this article than the last time I looked at it several years ago. I will be looking more closely at this distro for a possible future review in AdvisorBits. Anyone with more recent experiences with SuSE is invited to share them with us, either make a comment or send us an email.)
I hope this works out for Novell, but mostly because I am a Linux advocate who like to see these things succeed.

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