Ordinarily, I wouldn’t suggest something called

“hypercomplex System”
But since our old friend AL scored us a nice piece of networking equiptment for free, that mostly works… this is for him. (And for the rest of you, I think this is a joke, because although the program is powerful, the setup is almost too easy.)
3D traceroute is an interesting tool to help network administrators understand traffic problem in the network. You can fire up this free tool written by Holger Lembke (after you get it at this site: http://www.hlembke.de/prod/3dtraceroute/ ) and do just about anything a network administrator might want to do.
Scan ranges of IPs to see what is up, look at individual hosting in your network to see what ports are open. Do whois lookups against a wide range of whois server.
But mostly, it makes really nifty 3D graphs that will help network administrators understand where the problems in their networks are.

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