In case you were on Mars…

This week both Cisco and Microsoft announced what amount to network crippling vunerabilities, and the availability of fixes for them. You should have reviewed all your Cisco devices running IOS to apply a workaround or to update the IOS image on your routers, switches and other Cisco gear. If you have an outside vendor who is responsible for performing this work, you should contact them to make sure your network has been protected.
Most Windows machines have a feature called “Automatic Update”, which shows a little globe icon by the clock on your desktop when your machine needs updates. This week the globe was there a lot.
If you’re still running impending demise of 98.)
The vendors have released the fix, and both of them have home page links to articles and information about the issues. I have written about this before, and I will again.
You’ve been warned.
The Cisco advisory, can be found at thier web site, and has been updated several times.
The Microsoft Advisory has been updated at the security site, and the original advisory can be found from the update page.
I noticed that Microsoft thanks LSD, the security professionals who informed them of the issue and helped to develop the fix.
(Note on Aug 4: Since I wrote this Microsoft has sent two different mailings to me urging me to apply this update. I think they are trying really hard to get the word out. Maybe there’s a message in this fact.)

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