Be excellent to each other

Dude! (If you’re reference impaired, that’s from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, an early effort of Keanu Reeves.)
I know most of my family would never be as rude as they are in email if they only knew what they were doing and how it is perceived. My father, for instance, seems incapable of only placing one address in the To: field of an email. Maybe he feels like they get lonely there and they need some company, so he adds some other addresses for good measure. I’ve often wondered how to mention this to him.
On-line Netiquette Uncensored by Judith C Kalios is a web site that gives me a tool to send to people who are netiquette impaired or otherwise oblivious normative standards of on-line Courtesies described on the site.
To be fair to my family, there are Courtesies described here that clients forget too. I laugh to get a message with a signature of 6 or seven lines of additional information. I wonder when they include a fax number and omit the web site URL. And less you think that I believe myself perfect:

Dear Aaron,
I will never send an informal note again. I had no idea the inferences you may have drawn from my gross misspelling, and I will always open and close the notes properly from now on.

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