Swiss army search tool

Dave’s Quick Search Deskbar is a likely to replace my Google Toolbar as most useful Internet Information tool. The idea with both is simple, to put a search box on every screen. Google does this with its Internet Explorer Google toolbar. The downside to this is that the broswer has to be open in order for the search tool to be accessible, and although its ability to search parts of Google is extreamly strong, it searches only Google.
Dave’s Toolbar sits in my Windows task bar. (So I guess it won’t work for Mac or Linux.) Dave’s Toolbar searches Yahoo, and CPAN, both other places I look. It searches SlashDot, the Bible, Walmart On-Line and the Yellow Pages to give you an idea of how many places it works with. It even tracks packages with UPS and FedEx I guess.
The interface is a little tough to get used to, there is only and edit box and on menu button. That may be a matter of of my taste or experience, but I wonder if the average user will understand and use all the extra fetures. There was a glitch unlocking my XP toolbar, but other than that it installed very easily. As an added bonus it shows the time so I was able to recapture some screen real estate by turning off the Windows clock.
Both tools are worth having. (And to disprove the free lunch theory, they’re both free.)

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