Stupid Pet Tricks #1

Here are some useful (you figure out how useful) things one can do with the amazing Dave’s Toolbar I mentioned last week:
Convert temperatures right in the edit box:
temp 70 /f
results in
70°F = 21°C 294°K 530°R
Web designers will find it particularly useful to open a browser window at a certain resolution. For instance I am writing this in the window that opened when I entered this in my toolbar:
winres 800 600
(Or a URL like that anyway…)
Here’s one to gererate dummy text for web page mock-ups:
lipsum 12
(If you don’t want to get Dave’s tool bar just to see what that one does, check this out: for a useful web designer’s tool.)
Track Packages :
UPS 1Z23495743892095 (*example tracking number only)
Brings up the summary package tracking information for this tracking number in a web browser window. Haven’t tested all shippers, but the menu has UPS, FedEx, DHL, AirborneExpress, and the US Postal Service. (Does this mean Dave’s toolbar can “Go Postal?” I’ll have to do a security audit. )
While this is not the first time I have seen any of these tools, it is the first time I have seen them neatly gathered together in one place on my Windows desktop. Look for future editions of Stupid (useful?) Pet Tricks (with Dave’s Toolbar) as I find other cool things it can do.

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