Picture Upload Program

As most technical web professionals know, read any CGI programming news group, mailing list, or web based forum long enough and someone will ask a question about uploading files to the server via a form in the user’s browser. Its something we all have to do for clients from time to time, and as an administrator, I can tell you it does represent a security exposure.
One should be careful how they accomplish this, pay attention to authentication and authorization, and be careful what is done with the uploaded files until it is known what they are.
Over the years, I have used a variety of CGI programs that have accomplished this for me, and those of you who use perl and use CGI(.pm) will be glad to know that this is supported.
This article is not about programming or even the perl way to accomplish this specific task. This post is to point out a php program for posting photo’s to the web in a photo album format. There are tons of other programs that do this, in a variety of languages presumably larger than the two I have mentioned.
But I used Gallery, and you can see the example here. What is useful to some of my clients is the ability to upload binary image files right in a browser, without needing to use FTP. It is limited in the kinds of files that can be uploaded, only pictures are allowed for saftey.

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