First look at 9

5 minutes ago I upgraded a simple installation of RedHat 7.3 to RedHat 9. I’m not sure what I had installed that required disc 3, but I was required to use all three of the distribution discs. This strikes me as a lot of discs for a Linux web server.
(If the first paragraph left you cold, give up now… Read a different AdvisorBits post, because it’s only going to get worse.)
In terms of features, don’t ask me about the GUI, it isn’t installed. It seems RedHat is all jazzed up about their “stunning Bluecurve interface“. The installation program let me fix a problem I had noticed on the boot loader previously, and had no problems rebooting from the software RAID. These things make systems guys anxious sometimes, if you don’t already know that.
I was impressed that all the daemons I had running including Apache with mod_perl and mod_ssl upgraded without trouble. Still sendmail, no qmail choice yet. The single biggest upgrade or improvement thing I noticed right off the bat is the iptables, or Netfilter, support built into the 2.4.20 kernel. This means I will be able to update the kernel on my firewall without recompiling every time.
All things considered this is a decent distro, of course there are already updates required. If we’re going to have to upgrade every year, which it seems we may, at least this one went smoothly.

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