Entry-level MT hacks

If anyone’s been looking (and I know of three… a vast number relatively speaking) over the past week or so, some changes have been happing to the style and to a lesser degree the layout of AdvisorBits. This is not a totally original design. I am still using Movable Type’s default templates (mostly) and the stylesheet is taken more directly than you might imagine from the “Stormy” style that is supplied with Movable Type.
The big changes are how posts are selected for display on the main page, and changing the <div> with the id “links” on the right side of the page.
I write about things as I am inspired. Inspiration often comes to me when my clients ask questions or raise issues. Although I am really commmitted to keeping this site fresh, I do not have a firm “I will post something every day, or every week” kind of schedule.
That is one of the reasons I removed the calendar. I have also changed the “<MTEntries>” from the default of showing the last few days as configured through the MT interface; to showing the last three entries without regard for the age of the posts. The code for this is in the “index template” and it looks like:

<MTEntries lastn=”3″>

I’ve also used a couple of CSS tricks to make the “links” <DIV> appear more like a navigation area. Previously I though it looked like, well, the right hand side of the page. I have put a border on all four sides of the area, instead of just one dotted line visually separating the primary content from the navigation. I have also used the frequently misunderstood position:relative in order to tie the navigation box visually into the whole page. It still breaks if the user agent viewing window is too narrow. (Your browser doesn’t have enough pixels, its not my problem.) Here’s the changes I made to the MT Stormy style sheet with regard to &ltdiv id=”links”>:

#links { position:relative; left:-80px; background:#ccc; margin:5em 0 0 0; width:160px; padding:5px; border: 1px solid #630; }

It should be noted that we’re still validating.
And one day I know I’ll get rid of all the warnings too. As always, your comments are welcome. Next on the list of improvements is an about page, a privacy page, and some new stuff on the navigation area.

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