I don’t get it, but I probably will some day. The other morning my in box had news from RedHat, seems if I join their RedHat Network I can get the software one week earlier than if I don’t. Anyway they claim on Monday they’ll release the newest version, “9″ code named Shrike one week before its public debut on April 7.
It is not lost on me that this week of intermediary status contains the 1st of April, Arpil Fools Day. I’m at a loss, because as I install on of the first 7.3 boxes for deployment in the coming months, I notice that the traditional “.0″ is missing from the name, as was the traditional versions .1, and .2 and not so traditional .3 for the whole 8 thing.
And they never used to announce releases in advance, what’s going on over there?
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