Amazing Disappearing Spam

Cloudmark has made us smile today.
After I talked my better half through the installation their free product SpamNet, I was explaining how it worked. And it worked, she got a SPAM and it was seamlessly routed to her SPAM folder. We were both amazed.
The product compares a unique message identifier against a database of known SPAM and dynamically filters messages based on the results of the comparison. A user base of over 200,000 installed users check over 14 million messages per day through this free service. The database that these users help to create is used in the company’s enterprise offering, Authority, which blocks mail at the corporate gateway.
The product gives you the ability to retrieve incorrectly marked items from the SPAM folder, and the ability to identify and report new soources of spam. The database uses a straightforward wieghting system they call Truth Evaluation System.
Users can “white list” addresses, ensuring that mail from a certain addresses does not get flagged as spam. This product is specifically designed for users of Outlook, but *nix users can use Vipul’s Razor, which has been around for years and is the technology that enabled the development of SpamNet.
Our first impressions are very good.
(Added 2/23/03 – By a very unscientific method of thinking back over the past three days and doing math in my head: I had 2 daily messages go into the spam folder incorrectly. To be fair these messages do contain a fair amount of commercial and promotional language. Also noted about 5-20% per day get missed. This over the course of over 100 SPAM messages is good by me.)

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