Boldly going where I don’t belong.

I have two qualifications to write about Powerbook with OS X on it a few weeks before Christmas.
Ordinarily a UNIX jocky like myself can’t be bothered to keep up with events in Appleland, but when Bob sent me a link to the new Powerbooks I was moved to check them out.
I’m not saying that everyone should switch and I hate the commercials. (Except the one with Yoyo Ma.) Most of the commercials are off target and make no sense in a larger context of reality. (Apple publicity has always been a little on the fringe of reality in my mind since the “1984″ ad campaign.)
But boy is that 17 inch monitor slick looking.
Mostly the thing that makes me think about using one is OS X. Apple has finally fought back. In a strange way they have finally learned to take the good things about other operating system is in fact BSD UNIX implimentation.
I treated the claims of “industrial-strength foundations” and “host of features and capabilities that will impress hardcore Unix users” with the skepticism they deserve. I poked around for command prompt and found it.
ls and cd produced the expected results, but heck I think my WinXP box knows how to do those. What really blew me away was
perl -MCPAN -e shell
which resulted in the [correct] Are you ready for manual configuration?
… More adventures as Bob is here and I can play with his Macintosh some more. Let me know if you use Mac OS X and like it. (Or if you don’t)

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